Halloween Special: Being a great Neighbour

Happy Halloween!

At Premium Rentals, we want to work our hardest to make sure that every has the best possible experience at our Apartments. However, there is one responsibility of having a great experience at an apartment that falls upon the people living there, and that is being a great neighbour.

Everyone wants to have great neighbours, which means that we also need to be great neighbours to each other. Being a great neighbour improves the lives of the people around you, and also enriches your own experience. Here are a few ways that you can help be a great neighbour.

Noise Management

Most of the time, regular use of an apartment doesn’t create much noise. There are however, a few activities that penetrate apartment walls much more, even if it does not sound that loud in your room.

Moving furniture can cause squeaks and vibrations in the floor that can bother nearby neighbours. Try as much as possible to carry furniture with help instead of dragging it across the floor. Adding Felt pads to couches and tables can significantly reduce the noise from dragging as well; you can get them at any major grocery or dollar store for quite cheap.

Running and stomping on the floors can really get the floor shaking, especially if there are smaller kids. We love active kids and apartments can be hard to contain all that energy, so a well place rug can sequester a ton of noise out of a busy living room.

Making sure that everyone can get some quiet and sleep time during the night is also important. Check with your building manager and ask when the quiet hours are. Use that time to relax and do a quiet activity to ensure everyone gets a good night sleep.


Along with kids, we are so exciting to see so many animals living with us, they bring joy and happiness to not only their owners, but animal loving neighbours too. However, that joy can turn into frustration easily if the pet isn’t aware of its responsibility to be a good neighbour too.

Muzzles and dog collars are not always the best solution, but they work in a pinch if a pet is being disruption. The best solution is to build a bond with your pet and help it understand to be responsible and respect other neighbours private space and quiet zones.

Outside is a great place for fresh air, and for kids to burn some of that previously mentioned energy, this can be difficult is pets are leaving their droppings all over the property. Please use our provided doggy bags to clean up after your pets. This is also important during the winter time, there may be less people playing outside, but all that waste stays until the spring and make our excitement for the warm weather a little but worse.

Keeping Clean

Alongside noise, there are other factors that can affect a neighbour’s experience. Smell also has a huge impact as well as garbage. Even though marijuana is legal in Canada, the smell in close quarters, like an apartment, can be very off putting to nearby people. Please refrain from smoking marijuana anywhere in the building. As well, please keep smoking confined to the balconies and safely dispose of your butts without throwing them over the balcony where they become someone else’s problem.

Many other things in the apartment can also produce smells if not cleaned or disposed of promptly, make sure all garbage makes its way to the dumpsters and to let your property manager know if you have any larger items that require assistance or  if the dumpsters are filling up.

Community Building

Lastly, we want to make sure that everyone in the building is doing their best to be friendly and respectful to everyone else. Premium Rentals is home to a great and diverse group of people, all with different beliefs, values, requirements for privacy and accessibility, and routines. We are proud of our residents and want to encourage everyone to get to know each other when the opportunities arise. Learning the names of your neighbours (and their pets!) is one of the most neighbourly things you can do. Getting into the spirit of holidays like Halloween this year is also a great way of showing care to the building. Community is a great thing to be a part of and it starts with good neighbours.

However, we also ask to not let anyone in the buildings that you have not personally invited, or to let your property manager know if you believe someone is not acting in a neighbourly way. Building relationships with your neighbours helps to be able to support each other if someone forgets their keys, but also helps keep strangers from intruding the building.

Stay Safe and Joyful this Halloween Season!